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>It’s Hard Out Here For a Pup

> stand up, yawn, stretch, yawn, lay back down.  sleep awhile and do it all over again. it’s hard out here for a pup. when you’re layin’ down and gotta get back up. first ya stretch and yawn and chew … Continue reading

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>My Dog Tulip. Sometimes Love Really is a Bitch

> hi hi hi hi hi! chance here. it’s yukky and rainy outside so mommy went to see a movie yesterday. she wanted to take me in her purse but was afraid i’d eat the popcorn she snuck in.  oops—no, … Continue reading

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>OMD! These animals are hialrious!

> OHMYDOG! since i’ve been iced-in the last few days, i’ve had time to get on mommy’s computer and “surf the net” as she calls it.i just watched these funny animals with their funny accents–i am rolling on the floor … Continue reading

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>snow, snow, beautiful, wunderful SNOW!

> ohmygosh! mommy has been telling me about how wunderful snow is, but until this week, i’ve never actually seen it! (well, i might have seen it in my homeless lifetime, but there was nothing beautiful about it then!) Here’s … Continue reading

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>getting to know you (or me, rather)

> when i first came to stay with mommy and diddy, my hair had just been shaved down reeeeel short, and my skin was bright pink. so diddy, trying to be funny (but sooo not) started calling me piglet. it … Continue reading

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>welcome to my blog

> hi hi hi hi hi! (i say this as i’m jumping up and down in front of you). my name is “sir chauncey, defender of the underdog”, but you can call me chance. i’m a mutt and proud of … Continue reading

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