Best Friends Animal Sanctuary-Part 2

kisses from a Katrina refugee

For part 2 of our visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, here is our personal experience from our time volunteering there. if you ever get the chance to visit and volunteer, it is a very rewarding experience. the quest of “No More Homeless Pets” can be a reality if we all spread the word.

Jeff and I were assigned to the dogs. The first day, after a volunteer orientation, we went to the puppy house and cleaned out the runs. LOTS OF POOP! There, we met Sue and Amy from West Palm Beach FL. Another couple that is pasionate about animal rescue.

Amy and Sue with Rhubarb

After cleaning up, Jeff and I got to take pups into a room, and help social them to humans. One of the larger pups was very man-shy and we worked on getting him to let Jeff feed him treats and touch him.

The next day, we worked with ‘Special Needs’ dogs in the Clubhouse. Dogs go there who have either physical or emotional problems. There, we walked the dogs on well-marked trails. Again, Jeff was paired with a large male dog that was man-shy. By the end of the one mile walk, Jeff was able to kneel down and let the dog sniff him, a significant breakthrough!

In order to find forever homes for these dogs it is important that they are able to have a relationship with all family members. Socialization is key!

A Hurricane Katrina Refugee

I took a small, terrified schnauzer that had been rescued from a puppy mill – she was a breeder — to a ‘shy dog’ class. There were about 15 dogs in the room, along with about 12 people, and we were instructed to drop their leashes and just let the dogs come to us for treats to sniff or whatever, reinforcing that people are not all bad. Allowing the dogs to approach us, not visa-versa, it was important, bacause often a hand coming at the dogs was not a friendly gesture. And many of these dogs have not had the chance to socialize with other animals, at least not on their own terms. It is amazing how much better dogs socialize with one another when they are off leash. They don’t feel the threats of restriction.

jeff and honey buns

Jeff and I took Honey Bun, a pitty that needed socialization, to the agility course, and worked with her for about an hour. it is her favorite place and we felt very rewarded wheb she completed some of the obstacles.

There were so many wonderful dogs at Best Friends, I wanted to take so many home, but since we are 3 pups in a pop-up, we have to adhere to that title. Dang!

Scratch just wants a forever home!

Yoyo loves belly rubs!

This little sweetie came from a hoarding situation.

Jeff and I had the pleasure of dining with one of the original founders of best friends. Her name is Charity and she is  total joy. she is from the UK and now lives on the property. Sharp as a tack and funny, too!

While the ultimate goal is to find a “forever home’ for the animals at Best Friends, some animals live out the rest of their lives in the comfort and kindness of the sanctuary. When an animal dies at best Friends, it is “tucked-in” to it’s final resting place at the beautiful cemetary  called ‘Angels Rest”. It is decorated with sculptures, chimes, pictures, and many words of love. I love that- “Tucked-In”.

Speaking of being tucked-in, it’s nighty-night time for our 3-pups, so we’ll re-connect soon. Sweet Dreams!


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3 Responses to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary-Part 2

  1. Mayzie says:

    Oh, what a Most Wonderful adventure! My mom says she would just luv to go there and volunteer some time. You sure did meet a lot of Most Wonderful doggies. I wish they could all find their Most Perfect Homes That Ever Was – just like we have. But I’m very much glad that they are in a place where they’re luved and safe!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jules and Jeff. I have sent your link to a dear friend who can learn from this experience.

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