Snapshots from the road

As we travel the backroads and backwoods of North America, I am constantly on the lookout for interesting geographical features, ‘world’s biggest” whatevers, and “The One and Only’s”. On our last big road trip 2 years ago, when we made a mad dash across America to Vancouver, we were thrilled to visit the world’s largest corn palace, made completely, totally, honestly out of ONLY corn kernels!!!! Yowzer! Well, this trip hasn’t been too shabby in it’s own right. As you may have seen earlier, we saw the world’s biggest burl in Port Mcneil, Vancouver Island. Here are a few more impressives from this journey.

In Southeastern BC, we came across the world’s biggest truck- The Titan!

the TITAN!

In East Glacier, Montana, I had my sights set on seeing the World’s Largest Purple Spoon, but it had been stolen by local thieves just the night before. i was crushed! here’s a pic anyway…

love the note attatched to the stolen spoon.

In Northern Michigan, the “cherry capitol of the world”, we drove past the World’s Largest Cherry Pie.

World's largest Cherry Pie! YUM!

I even got the recipe!

Rugby, ND. The Goegraphical Capitol of Northe America.

Smallest community? Possibly....

World's Greatest Dogs? YES!

What have YOU come across on your travels? We’d love for you to share. Until next time, ARF!


About call it kismet

animal advocate, avid traveler, sailor, writer.
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3 Responses to Snapshots from the road

  1. So how many bites of cherry pie did you three sneak? With the seven of us, there’d have been nothing left but a memory!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  2. You have come across some of the most interesting things for a road trip! : )

  3. julesrules says:

    yes, and there are so many more to find!

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