What I learned while on the road

Well, we’re back safe and sound (for the most part) in Atlanta from our 3-month road trip. I say mostly because Chance picked-up some gastro thing-y during our last 4 days and was really sick. He still ate, naturally, but threw up or squirted out anything he consumed. He’s better now, thank goodness, but the vet couldn’t confirm what the problem was.

So now it’s back to “real-life”, and let me tell you, re-entry is tough. It seems like there is so much to do that it feels overwhelming, but given time, life will get back to being a bit more routine. ( I, personally, like routines to a certain extent.)

Anyway, during our 3-months on the road, there were lots of observations I made and things  I learned, so I thought I’d share some of it with you.

Things I learned:

To style my hair under a public bathroom hand dryer (and it actually looks half-way decent).

To not mind peeing in a bucket at night.

"the Bucket"

To cook a healthy, flavorful meal on a campstove.

That there is a HUGE difference between travel with 2 pups and travel with 3 pups.

To be more patient with my furkids.

During our travels, our campgrounds have had bears, cougars, skunks, raccoons, and snakes. But nothing was as bad as the biting insects.

That Vancouver is STILL my favorite city in the world!

Biking in Vancouver

Girls are much messier than boys in public showers.

That 3 pups are warmer than a sleeping bag.

That we should all get out and Play in Nature!

Hug a tree

Hiking the Narrows in Zion

It’s very liberating not to shave, wear makeup or jewelry.

I can actually live without chocolate. Without internet? Not so much.

That there could actually be a time of “No More homeless Pets”

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Insect repellant w/ DEET will corrode just about any watch, camera or sunglasses lens.

That yes, I can!

Captain Jules with 1`st mate Chance

Now that I have access to wi-fi on a full-time basis,I’ll be updating both  my sites  with photos and stories from the trip.


About call it kismet

animal advocate, avid traveler, sailor, writer.
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14 Responses to What I learned while on the road

  1. Nice summary of lessons from life on the road. Now I’m really regretting that we didn’t make it to Vancouver – but we did have a great time in Victoria! I hope Chance is feeling better.

  2. julesrules says:

    Thanks! have no regrets, just put it on your list. And Chance say’s thanks! Arf!

  3. linda trower says:

    Jules— welcome home from your great adventure. We missed you.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Roxie in your always memorable Halloween garb!

    Linda & Seve

  4. Liz says:

    WELCOME HOME, JULIE, JEFF and all 3 pups! Can’t wait to see you. I’m glad all five of you got home in one piece and with some great memories, or I should say – even more great memories.. I’m assuming you still have your house! If so, are you glad? I hope.
    Let’s plan lunch soon – will be in touch with Kathleen, Joy and Terri. Did you know Kathleen has joined the Fiction Workshop.
    Love, Liz

  5. Judy says:

    Great lessons. Glad you are all back safe and sound. If Chance is like Tiz, God know what he ate- bad lizards? I always wait a couple of days, But he was sick a while (he will learn with age – hopefully!)How is Jeff’s father?

  6. Karin says:

    Welcome home glad you’re back!
    Just like you, the Narrows in Zion look stunningly beautiful 🙂

  7. Funny you mention traveling with two pups vs three. I was just talking about that with S the other day. We have two weiner dogs and have joked about getting a third but we dog-sat another one last week and decided that was a no. Three was WAY more trouble than two and as much as we like to go and do it would be a nightmare for us.

  8. 3pups says:

    yeah, when we kept Chance, we said…”he just weighs 10 lbs- what’s the big deal” now LOL!!!!

  9. I learned that I have missed you for 30 years and
    i am grateful I didn’t choose to go to Jerome over Bryces Canyon….

    I love you Jules.

  10. Great summary of lessons learned. : ) Hope Chance is all better.

  11. 3pups says:

    yes, he is fine now, thanks!

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