Second Chances-guest blogger Bethany Winston

Today the 3 pups are featuring a new blogger who sent me a sweet story of hope. Second chances are dear to us, since all of the pups are rescues.  Thank you, Bethany Winston, for sharing your story.

When Hope Ran Out, Pablo Got A New Chance

The story of Pablo has been one of neglect and uncaring. Pablo is a boxer dog that was found as a stray, sitting by the road with pleading eyes. He was without an owner and homeless. His life has been one of constant movement. Nobody has any idea about his birth. But his puppy days and adult days have been spent in many shelters, kennels and rescue homes.

When found, he had a big wound above his ears that was being infested by flies. His eye was swollen and red. His vision of his own future was pretty bad! But it was evident that he was a well-trained and cultured dog. When asked to shake hands, he would lift either his left or right paw. And when commanded to sit, he obeys immediately, without any ado!

Pablo would have struggled along the streets and God knows how his life would have moved on. He was taken from the streets into the Sussex County Animal Control in Virginia. Life in a kennel or animal shelter is never going to be easy for any dog but it was a welcome respite for Pablo. It was here that his fortune changed.

The Associated Humane Societies reached out to Pablo when he was at the Animal Control Home. Since all efforts to find a home for this genteel boxer had failed, the Society rescued him and adopted him. Then came all the vaccination shots. Pablo was treated with care and he healed well. He was neutered and was given a complete medical checkup after that. Today, he is a happy and healthy dog on a lookout for a home.

Man has an important responsibility towards other beasts and beings. Having a mind of his own and the ability to discriminate, man is definitely the crown jewel of evolution. Being on the top needs that man becomes more compassionate and empathetic. Extend a helping heart towards animals is every person’s responsibility.

But it is not a responsibility devoid of benefits. Caring for a pet at home is a fulfilling experience. The loyalty of a dog is legendary and proverbs have been composed based on it. A dog befriended is a gift for life. To have someone in life that constantly looks forward to you, never goes against you and would be ready to give up life, if necessary, for you is indeed a blessing. A pet dog will definitely fulfill all these and much more.

Pablo gets a home through adoption centre where he is treated well and gets all the love he deserves. As Pablo and many other such animals await adoption, you could seriously consider enriching your life and giving a new lease of life to such pets via adoption. There are lots of animal shelters, societies and kennels that seek to find homes for a variety of pets. Locate one nearest to your home and do your bit for the homeless ones.

The ways of nature is such that no good deed ever goes unrewarded. Extend an open heart and helpful hands towards adoption. It will be a gesture that you will be proud of all your life.


About the author: Bethany is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Dog Houses attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing articles on Braun Coffee Maker.


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7 Responses to Second Chances-guest blogger Bethany Winston

  1. Such a heartwarming story!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Yea for Rescuers!! Rescuers Rock!!
    Where would I be if I hadn’t been rescued?? ::shudder::

  3. Yay! We love rescues and the rescuers that did the rescuing!

  4. Penelope says:

    Poor Pablo! Me wonders what happened to his people? Sometimes me wonders of they is heartless or their lives was bad too.
    Kisses to everybody who has helped Pablo and me hopes he finds a forever home soon!

  5. bichonpawz says:

    Rescues really DO rock!! LadyBug is a rescue and I thank those rescue folks every day for her!! Great story!

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