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Picking the Bucket

In preparation of our upcoming trip up the East Coast, HK and I are re-equipping the “Pup” for a month-long journey with the 3 pups. We’ve gone on a few week-long camping trips since our 3-month cross country trip last year, but … Continue reading

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Second Chances-guest blogger Bethany Winston

Today the 3 pups are featuring a new blogger who sent me a sweet story of hope. Second chances are dear to us, since all of the pups are rescues.  Thank you, Bethany Winston, for sharing your story. When Hope … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Tin Tin-Movie Review

This weekend was rainy and gray, the perfect weekend to use our free passes (thanks to KLOUT and Purina–click on Purina for a preview of the movie) to see The Adventures of Tin Tin in 3-D!!! The animated movie is based … Continue reading

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Love Always

There is a new man in my life. Yep. You heard right. His name is Monty, and he is nothing like anyone else in my life. Past or present. Monte came as a surprise. I wasn’t looking for a new … Continue reading

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Lazy Days, Lazy Dogs

We’ve got the Cabin Fever Blues! Ever since we got home from our 3-week holiday in sunny Florida, we’ve been subjected to laying around the house doing NOTHING! We’re forced to entertain ourselves, since mommy has been basically laid up … Continue reading

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Pet Blogs United ROCKS!

We are so excited to be “Pet Blogger of the Week” over at Pet Blogs United!! PBU is a wonderful site full of great blogs devoted to pets of all types. We happened on them several months ago and have … Continue reading

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(Almost) Sailing to the Bahamas

Well, our vacay is almost over, and it’s been interesting, to say the least. Mommy, Diddy and me went on a sailboat that we rented from someone diddy knows. When we got on the boat, mommy did that thing where … Continue reading

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10 Alternatives to Christmas Gifting

It’s that time of year again, when folks are dashing to the mall in search of that perfect something to give that special someone. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for a co-worker, group member of relative. Well, instead … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and Mommy and Diddy sat on the couch and made a list of things that we are thankful for. We would like to share them with you. We are thankful for a roof over our head and … Continue reading

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PiBoIdMo. Say Whaaaat??????????

PiBoIdMo. That stands for Picture Book Idea Month, which it is. November, I mean. This month is PiBoIdMo. So I made a pact with myself to come up with a new idea for a picture book every day this month. … Continue reading

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